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Hashtag Activism #BoycottBali?

Disclaimer: I’ve never been to Bali. I have, however, like many Australian passport holders spent large chunks of my time indulging in a commonly recognised rite of passage. That is, … Continue reading

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#Slacktivism #BecauseICareEnough #ToLetTheWorldKnow #AndDoAbsolutelyNothingAboutIt #ButGiveAVirtualDollar #ToEveryActOfIdiocy #BroadcastToYourEveryFriend #ToGiveALikeForCharity #LordKnowsTheyNeedIt

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On homophobia and ‘special treatment’…

As if the current state of politics wasn’t quite shameful enough in this country, a City of Casey councillor thought she’d make it that much more deplorable. Cr Rosalie Crestani … Continue reading

November 19, 2014 · 7 Comments

SOAPBOX; Poetry and Politics

We have a government in power at the moment whom nobody seems to be willing to take responsibility for. Who the hell voted them in? ‘Not me’ said the flea, … Continue reading

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Hedwig and the Angry (non) Lesbians

So I’m home and needing some serious uplifting, after a dry, hazy start to 2014. Hedwig and the Angry Inch is my feel-good-movie, even though it always makes me cry. … Continue reading

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Time to Write; a conundrum

Writing. Is it the act of fingers typing words and punctuation on paper? Is it time spent before a screen, clocking up some kind of literary karma? Or perhaps the … Continue reading

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I was tired and I needed to pee. Having fallen asleep in the arm chair whilst watching Dexter, I decided to pop my Samsung smart phone (cue product placement) in … Continue reading

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Destination Pride

PRIDE IS NO SIN Since moving up north, one event we have missed dearly is the Pride March in Melbourne, the culmination of many shows, performances and meet ups held … Continue reading

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love is knowing embedded perfection Hands expert at hearts nervous first touch fingers adept at loving a woman though stranger to this woman’s skin – like milk- still the ancient … Continue reading

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Or why books are kindling to the creative flame.

It was one of those months people describe as hell and back. That’s a wee dramatic but some kind of terrifying hellish limbo would be more accurate. There’s a story … Continue reading

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